Philatelic Exhibition

Frames are now closed. The exhibition is full with 120 frames in competition, 123 overall. An updated list has been posted.

If you have sent in an entry and your exhibit is NOT on this list, please contact us immediately.

The COLOPEX 2019 prospectus is available for download.

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Final Exhibits List

1 Usages of the United States 8 Cent Air Mail Stamp of 1944

How the 8-cent stamp was used in its day, with particular attention to 8-cent rates

2-3 Postal History of the Examiner Markings, Type EM-7, Used at the General Post Office in New York City, 1902-1920

The exhibit will show all 24 known copies of the examiner marking, type EM-7

4 First Class Surface Treaty Rate Mail from the U.S. to Germany, 1909-1915

Show the different aspects and usages of U.S. mail to Germany at the treaty rate agreement

5-10 Landpost “über Lehrte”: An Example of the Rural Mail System in Germany 1933-1992

Study of the rural mail system in Germany using Lehrte as a model

11 The e Watermark Definitive Coil Stamps of Ireland 1940-1970

This exhibit shows the development and use of the e watermark coil stamps in Ireland from their introduction in 1940 until replaced by the Gerl coils in 1970

12 An Ohio Volunteer

Civil War “soldier’s letters” will be defined and described. The letters will be used to relate the military life of James Hartley and the covers presented

13-18 The Postal Rates of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia

Postal rates shown with covers and other philatelic items

19-20 A Collateralized Exhibit of the Letterpress Printed Precancelations Used by the Canned Food Industry of Their Revenue Stamps, 1866-1872

Certain canned foods were subject to the proprietary stamp tax between 1866 and 1872. This exhibit illustrates the stamps used and their indicia imprinted thereon.

21-26 Letters to the Stars

Fan mail to Hollywood movie stars from the silent era to the modern day.

27-30 Censorship on U.S. First Day Covers during the World War II Era

The exhibit shows U.S. FDCs that have been censored before, during, and after World War II using labels, markings, and inserts in numerous countries

31-35 The Politically Inspired Cachets of Bruce R. McIntyre - 1936 to 1960

Hand-drawn, watercolored cachets of political events

36-40 St Louis Street Car Mail 1892-1915

A look at the routes, markings, and usages of mail posted on the first street car mail service in the U.S.

41 St. Petersburg-Moscow Railway:Nikolaeus Railroad

A study of the early postmarks of the Moscow-St. Petersburg Railway

42 Twisted Caps-Twisted Mail

An auxiliary marking exhibit that shows the problems that occur when a drink company offers a prize for mailing in a bottle cap

43-50 SCADTA and the Isthmus of Panama

Mail from, to, or through the Isthmus of Panama flown by SCADTA

51-60 Seals, Covers, Documents and Correspondence: A Political History of Nepal

A political history of Nepal illustrated and explained through covers, documents, and letters covering the period from 1788 to 1911

61-66 Canada, 1950 King George VI Definitive Issue: Original Design

This exhibit deals with the last Canadian definitive issue of George VI, the proofs, sheet and coil stamps and their usages

67 Postal History of the Naval Mission to Brazil 1922-1977

The three periods of the Naval Mission are covered

68-70 Philately at the Movies: Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s (MGM) Postal History

This exhibit will cover the postal history of MGM from the 1920s to the early 1960s. This is the Golden Age of the movies

71-78 A Penny Saved: Coating Postal Card for Reuse

This exhibit introduces coating postal cards for reuse from 1877-1902, including types, usages, and its end due to counterfeited cards

79 Ones and Twos: How Unique and Nearly Unique Postal Cards Were Created

This exhibit examines how unique and nearly unique postal cards were created by production errors in printing, addition of surcharges, and tagging.

80 Court of Honor: The Trucial States Palm Tree and Dhow Series of 1961

Stamps, cancellations, and covers of the “first” Trucial States issue that were the forerunners of the controversial “sand dune” countries.

81 Halfway to the Stars: San Francisco Cable car and Streetcar Mail

The postal markings and routes of the three San Francisco street R.P.O. lines: Market Street R.P.O., Mission Street R.P.O., and Sacramento Street R.P.O.

82-87 Pioneer Period Expeditions to Greenland

Revelation of Pioneer Period (early 19th C. to 1954 polar expedition mail associated with Greenland expeditions as they gradually progresses into the Modern Age

88 Great Britain Postal Reform 1837-1840

The exhibit shows the progression of rate reform in Great Britain until postage stamps and postal stationary were created, changing communication and the world forever.

89 Mail Routes of Rupert’s Land, British North America

Postal history of the Canadian fur trade from 1820-1870

90 Ceylon-King George VI 40 Cent Aerogrammes

A study of the first five issues of aerogrammes which featured a 4 X 10 cent imprint

91-95 The League of Nations - The War Years

A postal history exhibit studying the rates, routes, markings, of mail to and from the League prior to, during, and following WW II

96-100 Irish Postal Stationery 1922 to 1983

This exhibit shows the postal stationery of Ireland from Independence in 1922 to 1983, when the Irish Post Office was reorganized

101-106 Country Collection-India

This exhibit shows stamps of India from its independence in 1947 through the year 2000

107-111 Life on the Lee: Postcards from the River Lee, Cork City, and Harbor 1900 to 1920

This exhibit uses postcards to show the flow of the River Lee from its source to Queenstown Harbor

112 Study of New York City Registered Labels: 1883-1911

The exhibit will show the different types, design dimensions, sequence runs, quantities produced, printing format, and number design

113 (COH) Snapshot Amateurs

A presentation on the production of American homemade real photo postcards during the postcard mania, 1900-1920

114 Ireland’s Dual Struggle in the Great War

This exhibit looks at Ireland’s role in the Great War (World War I) as part of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

115 The 18 cent Flag and 18 cent Surrey with Plate Number Coils Used for the First Class Letter Rate during the April-November 1981 Time Period

The advent of the Plate Number Coils shows the printing of plate numbers below the design not as marginal markings

116-122 Falling Down the Rabbit Hole: How Researching President Richard Nixon Led to Research on Walter Damrosch

This exhibit shows how researching one topic led to a long and winding exploratory path to an entirely different topic

S1 What Are Auxiliary Markings (NON-COMPETITIVE)

The exhibit provides an introduction to auxiliary markings by showing a wide variety of examples from receiving to sending post offices