COLOPEX 2011 Palmares

Grand and Gold

Montserrat Postal History of a Caribbean Island – Peter P. McCann


American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Award of Excellence (Title Page)
Postal History Society Award
The Columbus Philatelic Club Columbus Award of Excellence
The Columbus Philatelic Club Postal History Award

Reserve Grand and Gold

The United States Rural Free Delivery System – Guy M. Purington
American Philatelic Society Research Medal

Court of Honor

Stamps that Caused the American Revolution – Henry H. Fisher


Canadian Postage Meters – Mechanical, Electrical and Digital – David Crotty

Postal History of the American Forces in China 1900-1941 – Alfred F. Kugel
American Philatelic Society 1900-1940 Medal of Excellence
China Stamp Society Award
Military Postal History Society Award

Classic France: Postal History of the Ceres and Napoleon Issues of 1849-1875 – Eliot A. Landau

The U.S. Bi-colored Documentary Issue, 1871-1874 – Michael J. Morrissey
American Revenue Association Award
United States Philatelic Classics Society Award
United States Stamp Society Statue of Freedom Award

Algerian Postal History to 1876 – Kenneth R. Nilsestuen
American Philatelic Society Pre-1900 Medal of Excellence

Czechoslovakia Overrun Nations Issue – Philip K. Rhoade
American First Day Cover Society Certificate for Best FDC Exhibit
American Philatelic Congress Award
American Philatelic Society 1940-1980 Medal of Excellence


U.S. Postage Due Series of 1959 – David Eeles
American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Award of Honor

Nepalese Seals, Postmarks and Cancellations 1795-1911 – Edward F. Gosnell


And a Good Morning to You, Sir – Guy Dillaway
American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Creativity Award

Fancy Cancels on U.S. Postal Cards – Henry H. Fisher

Double Vision – Paul H. Gault
The Edward E. Kuehn Award

Union Occupation Mail – Michael McClung

Knox County (Ohio) Postal History, 1815-1925 – Mark Reasoner
Women Exhibitors Sterling Achievement Award Silver Bronze

U.S. Military Censor Marks Used in Alaska and Western Canada During World War II – Louis E. Reif


Classic American Postage Stamps from 1847-1907 – Todd A. Miller
American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Novice Award

Single Frame

Grand and Gold

Avisos de Recepcion in Peru – Charles C. Wooster
also – The Columbus Philatelic Club Research Award


Shepeards Hotel of Cairo – Richard S. Wilson
also – American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Award of Honor


First Day Covers of the Harding Memorial Issue – James Hering

Wake Island Mail 1933-1951 – Alfred F. Kugel

Silver Bronze

Use of Perfins on U.S. Special Delivery Stamps – Paul H. Gault

Planes, Trains and . . . Crashes – Thomas J. Richards