June 9 Club Meeting

  • Linden Lutheran Church 1320 Linden Park Dr Columbus, OH, 43211 United States


19th Century U.S. Revenue Proprietary Stamp Precancels - Mike Morrissey


  1. US - Fifty commemorative hand-stamped covers; various Ohio events, many Columbus.
  2. US (1351-2) - Souvenir First Day Cover (9x12 inches) from The Annin Banner Co. with enclosure of The Annin Banner, Vol. 5, No. 1, July 1968 and First Day of Issue Ceremony program for the Historic Flag Stamp Series.
  3. Germany (B835) - use on annual give folder that is given to members of the national stamp collectors' association (BDPh) of Germany and bounc into Philatelie (No. 266, Dec 1998) the Society's monthly magazine.
  4. Literature - "Linn's Philatelic Gems II" by Donna O'Keefe (1985)